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Satforcert is an online platform providing tools to facilitate the forest certification process. This tool aims to support forest managers and certification bodies in gathering and managing information. This platform will enable more efficient and more transparent forest certification by utilising latest EO data from Sentinel-2 and a collaborative approach to share documents, maps and reports.
Objectives of the Product

Satforcert will provide satellite images that will enable frequent view of the forest canopy and changes over time. Satforcert will also connect with external maps such as protected areas and water streams provided by national EPA and Forestry Services.

These map features, together with Satforcert’s checklist and report templates for PEFC and FSC, will facilitate the users work to prepare and assess the auditing.

The collaborative approach will facilitate auditors and forest owners to share information and manage corrective actions. Forest managers will be able to have a clear understanding of the required actions to take and provide evidence using the Satforcert system. Satforcert also includes a mobile application where users can display maps, take pictures, and fill out forms.

Customers and their Needs

The main customers that can benefit from this innovative product are certification bodies, auditors, forest certification group managers and the forest managers involved in providing certification information.

Auditors and forest certification managers are the key users that will benefit from this product, making its work easier and more efficient, improving the communication and transparency of the whole process.

The integration of maps, satellite images, documents, checklists, corrective actions, processes and reporting in centralised systems replace the many systems and spreadsheets currently used. Satforcert will reduce the current paperwork, and switch from cumbersome emailing to a centralised system where both users can upload documents and generate reports.  Digital checklists and the corrective actions manager will also simplify the process and provide better understanding to both parties.

Certification bodies will benefit from this product by being able to digitalise all templates and reports, improving efficiency for its auditors.

Finally forest owners and managers that are struggling to gather all the information required for certification will benefit from this product. Saforect will be more transparent in the certification process and facilitate the gathering of information required by the forest manager or auditor.

Targeted customer/users countries

Ireland and United Kingdom

Product description

Saforcert will be an online platform providing a centralised database and various tools to manage different types of information. The platform will connect to provided Sentinel-2 data and other external maps provided (WMS/WFS). 

The system also has a module to analyse satellite images and provide forest canopy change detection.

The main web application will integrate with a mobile application to collect field data. A website will be also created to share reports that are required by the forest certification standard.

The main Satforcert functionality will include:

  • Secure sharing of data between different stakeholders
  • Standardised checklist compliant with PEFC and FSC standards
  • Creation of custom checklist and forms to request information
  • Document manager to upload and share documents
  • Mapping functionalities where the user can create its own maps or upload existing maps
  • Up-to-date Sentinel-2 images and historical images
  • Automated canopy forest change detection and warning system
  • Mobile application for field data collection
  • Corrective actions tracking. This tool provides an easy way to manage and provide evidence that these actions have been addressed
  • Creation of custom or standard reports
  • Website to publish forest management plans and public certification reports.

The different users will be able to interact between them requesting specific information and uploading or creating this required information. A task manager system and notifications will facilitate this workflow.

Added Value

Satforcert will be the only platform designed to support the forest certification process. This platform aims to address many of the current challenges in forest certification, including:

  • Bringing clarity to forest managers and forest owners about the certification process
  • Reducing the required paperwork
  • Supporting auditors in collecting data and communicating with forest managers
  • Facilitating the work of certification bodies.

The improvement of these business processes will bring more transparency and efficiency to the entire certification process and will save time and costs for all stakeholders.

Current Status

The system has been fully designed in collaboration with forest managers, auditors and certification bodies in the UK and Ireland. International certifications bodies also supported the design. The project is now entering the development phase, which will last until the end of 2021.

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Ireland Flag Ireland
Contractor Project Manager
Alex Poveda
Rubicon Centre CIT Campus, Bishopstown, Cork, T12 Y275, Ireland
ESA Technical Officer
Ola Grabak

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