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Monitoring Pipelines

Automated satellite-based system for pipeline monitoring

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SuperVision Space is a solution that uses AI algorithms to analyze satellite data to detect and immediately report various risks to infrastructure.
Objectives of the Product

More than a million kilometers of high-pressure pipelines, often buried underground, run through countries supplying gas and energy to businesses and communities worldwide. These pipelines are subject to various risks such as unauthorized construction by third parties or dangerous agricultural activity.

SuperVision Earth Space (SVS) is a pipeline monitoring solution which uses proprietary AI algorithms to analyze satellite data, detect and regularly report on various risks to infrastructure. The algorithms behind SVS process latest radar and optical images for timely and accurate risk detection.

Customers and their Needs

The SVS monitoring solution is particularly designed for gas pipeline operating companies. The protection of underground infrastructure is a complex task and incidents, while rare, can cost millions. Regular satellite monitoring of pipelines can help gas companies/operators spot risks they become incidents.

Targeted customer/users countries

Germany and Europe

Product Description

The product consists of a satellite-based risk detection system which can act as an alternative or complement to helicopters in regular monitoring of gas pipelines. The main components of the product are a cloud-based backend process, which acquires and prepares satellite images of the customer’s pipelines from several different sources, an AI model which detects potential risks in the images, another process which aggregates the results into a format suitable for the customer and a web-GIS application in which the detected risks are displayed.

Added Value

Our solution gives customers access to an additional stream of information, especially suited for fast and frequent detection of potentially harmful activity. This is especially valuable in cases where other types of monitoring (aerial, patrolling) are infrequent or not allowed in certain areas.

Current Status

In 2020, SuperVision Earth has successfully completed two pilot projects with its consortium partners, members of the German gas industry. The consortium partners are interested in testing and validating the solution for its future usage on their pipeline grids. The official kick-off of the activity is March 23rd, 2021.

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