How to apply

Submitted industrial proposals must demonstrate that the product or service to be developed will be commercially viable by the end of the InCubed activity (or at the very least include a very robust roadmap to commercialisation).
Proposals can be submitted through the Announcement of Partnership Opportunity.

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Announcement of Partnership Opportunity

Propose your idea directly to ESA and we will assess your idea and provide feedback. The first step is to pitch your idea using the online tool. Your idea will be treated confidentially and only the ESA InCubed team will have access to it. Remember that InCubed has been created to support and develop the commercial sector based on Earth observation data.

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Additional Details

The size and nature of any potential co-funding is subject to authorisation from the supporting national delegation(s). To begin with, ESA just needs an email of support, but later a Letter of Authorisation from the relevant national delegation(s) will be needed.

Some national delegation(s) have specific procedures to obtain the letter of authorisation – so please factor in the time that this may take. More details for each country that deviates from the standard InCubed process can be found here.

In order to obtain co-funding from ESA, your company will need to be registered on our ESA-STAR system. In addition, the InCubed announcement of opportunity is also in our Electronic Mailing Invitation to Tender System (EMITS).

Please note that co-funding is only available to economic operators that reside in the participating ESA Member States that have subscribed to InCubed.

Participating Member States

Austria Flag Austria
Belgium Flag Belgium
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic
Denmark Flag Denmark*
Estonia Flag Estonia
Finland Flag Finland
Germany Flag Germany
Greece Flag Greece
Ireland Flag Ireland
Italy Flag Italy
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Norway Flag Norway
Portugal Flag Portugal
Romania Flag Romania
Spain Flag Spain*
Sweden Flag Sweden*
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom*

* Member States subscribed to the InCubed pilot phase. These Member States can increase their contribution to co-fund further activities at any time.

The InCubed Process

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